Internship:  2 spots available for August 2024;  *Price is $14,000 + materials.

 Two Week Intensive- Now booking for June 2024- *2 spots open* Also booking for November 2024.

 We are possibly accepting a very limited # of students for one on one Independent study.  Call for details. 

We are signing up for the 18 week course in August 2024-  *6 spots open* 

The price for the 2 week intensive and 18 week courses are $3,800 total (materials included in this price).

Initial deposit $500 to hold spot- Non-refundable 

Steel String Guitar Building Course / Fundamental Level

Two 18 week semesters per year starting in January and August, held Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, 6-9 p.m.

Next class begins Tuesday and Wednesday, August 6 and 7, 2024. ** 6 spots open** Also booking for January 2025.

Also taught as a 9 week class – Saturdays 9a.m. – 4 p.m.   Next class TBA

This is where people with little or no woodworking experience can learn the basics of hand tool work while building a guitar from previously prepared materials. Tops, backs, and sides are thicknessed and fingerboards are slotted. This is not a kit, however. Students still need to bend their own sides, inlay their rosettes, and carve their necks. They will also learn basic assembly procedures, brace carving and top voicing, binding, fretting, finishing (gel varnish), and set up. They come away with either a dreadnaught or a OM size steel string guitar.

Cost $3200 + materials ($600) *$3800 total* Class size limited to 5 students on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings.

Steel String Fundamentals – 2 week Intensive

We offer this class twice a year – the 1st 2 weeks of June and the 1st 2 weeks of November. (limited to 5 students in each).

This is for those who live out of town or whose schedule does not permit them to attend our once a week classes. It is exactly the same instruction as the one listed above except that we do it in ten 8 hour days.  Next classes are in June and November 2024.

Cost – $3200 + materials ($600) *$3800 total*  Class size limited to 5 students.

How To Build a Guitar In 10 Days

Steel String Guitar Building Course / Intermediate / Advanced Level

Two 18 week semesters per year starting in January and August, held Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, 6-9 p.m.

Intermediate Level instruction is available to those who have completed a Fundamental Level class or with permission of the instructor. We customize a curriculum that fits your skill level and focus in on the elements that most suit your learning needs. Some of the options at the Intermediate level are:

  • explore alternate wood choices
  • build a cutaway
  • create custom inlay
  • add embellishments (rosette, purfling, etc.)
  • add a sideport
  • install electronics
  • prepare parts from raw lumber

At the Advanced Level you’ll have the opportunity to further customize your guitar and to build a mold. We can assist you to create your own unique body style and bracing pattern and if your intention is become a professional luthier we can discuss marketing strategies.  See also our Internship program.

Cost – $3200 + materials ($600) *$3800 total*  Class size limited to 5 people each day on Tuesday or Wednesday.

String Instrument Setup 101

Two 8 week semesters per year starting in January and September held Saturdays, 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

In this class Edward Victor Dick will share the basic skills and techniques of maintaining and adjusting acoustic & electric guitars, mandolins and banjos.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • general handling, maintenance, and cleaning
  • restringing & tuning
  • humidity & dryness issues
  • string buzz causes & solutions
  • truss rod design and adjustment
  • proper neck relief
  • playing styles and appropriate string height
  • bridge, saddle, and nut adjustment
  • fret dressing, shaping, and polishing
  • intonation issues
  • tool choice & usage

Students are encouraged to bring in instruments for demonstration purposes. Edward will work on at least one instrument for each participant. He’ll discuss the fundamentals of setup that are universal to all string instruments while also addressing the requirements unique to each situation.

Note:  This class is unavailable until further notice.

String Instrument Repair Fundamentals

This is a continuation of our Setup 101 class. Edward will demonstrate some of the more common string instrument repairs, such as nut and saddle replacement. refetting, neck resets, bridge reglues, crack repairs, finish touchup, etc.

Note: This class is unavailable until further notice.



We are currently accepting applications for our 4 month Pro Internship. Spend 35+ hr/ week in our shop and immerse yourself in the world of wood, tools, and musical instrument design. Observe repairs, sales, and client interaction. Get an inside view of the life of a professional luthier.You will have the opportunity to build up to 3 instruments – your choice of ukulele, steel string, gypsy jazz, or classical guitar. Create your own body shape and bracing pattern. Learn and practice repair. 200 hours of one on one instruction. An additional 300 hours of shop time. Exclusive access to our tools and knowledge. No experience necessary. However, if you already build instruments or have prior woodworking experience we can tailor our instruction to suit your needs.

Cost – $14,000 + materials

Ukulele Building Course

Build an all koa tenor ukulele. No experience necessary. Learn to bend sides, inlay rosette, install & shape bracing, assemble body, set & carve neck, install frets & bridge, apply finish, and set up. While the majority of the work will be done with hand tools, students will also receive instruction on the safety and use of a bandsaw, router, drill press, belt and disk sander.

Note: this class is unavailable until further notice