Edward Victor Dick

Edward Victor Dick began his career as a luthier in 1975. Strongly influenced by the folk music boom of the 1960’s, he immersed himself in the banjo and was soon performing with the band Back Porch Delivery based out of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. He soon discovered that his ability to fix instruments superseded his musical talents, however, and in 1976 he founded Ed’s Music Workshop.

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Instructor Tom
Instructor Tom

Tom Hunter-Crump began his career as a Civil Engineer in 1985, but has been drawn to woodworking since college days in Springfield Missouri when he worked in a furniture building business. Tom changed his career path to lutherie in 2006 as a member of one of Edward Dick’s guitar building classes. In January 2010 he began a full time apprenticeship with Edward in his repair shop. Today, he continues to enjoy the repair side of lutherie. He also builds tenor guitars, guitars and ukuleles under the name Emory Guitars, and builds Victor Guitars in collaboration with Edward.

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